A Glorious Dawn

To any followers who still care:

For several personal reasons, I chose to take this blog down. It felt like I was putting a lot of effort into something that was gaining no traction.

But my efforts of either creating a religion or reforming other philosophies have not ceased. They have simply taken a different direction. Anyone interested in joining these efforts is welcome to join my newly created forum, Glorious Dawn. What is the Glorious Dawn? It is the realization that darkness has overtaken this world. A spiritual darkness. A social darkness. A philosophical and religious darkness. People have surrendered to irony, nihilism, and antinatalism. A long, dark night of the soul is upon the world, and many have fallen asleep in an actual nightmare. Fear and hatred ignite our passions. The Glorious Dawn is a reintroduction of light into the world in all facets of life, both internally and externally.

I want this to be a movement, in thought, in action, in art, and in industry. But everything has to start somewhere, and, right now, I just have a rinky-dink free forum, which, I hope, will do more good than a rinky-dink free blog.

Glorious Dawn

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